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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>>. >> sean: welcome to hannity. new explosive developments that is raise serious questions about the investigation into david petraeus and why it was kept secret until after the election. let's begun with john allen now finds himself in the middle of this growing scandal. he currently sios at commander of nato forces in afghanistan. and jill kelly said that she had
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been receiving bizarre comments from paula broadwell. what did the e-mails say? they characterize the messages as, quote, flirtatious in nature and inappropriate. we have just learned that two u.s. officials tell fox that it was more than just flirting. they describe them as sexually split and equivalent of phone sex over e-mail. he denies it but something is not adding up. we heard from the father of broadwell. this is something else entirely and the truth will come out. there is a lot more than meets the eye. if we are to believe the story we are told all of this started because paula broadwell sent anonymous e-mails to kelly. it's like cat ties stuff, phrases who do you think you are? you parade around the base. you need to take it down a
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notch. none of them reportedly referenced violence but the f.b.i. launched a full investigation. now one of the most decorated military leaders in our history has been removed as the head the c.i.a. essentially he has been silenced days before he was scheduled to testify before congressional investigators. even more concerning, all of this unfolded before the election but we, you, were not told about until president obama was declared victorious. speaking of the white house they are peddling the farfetched story that the president wasn't informed about the petraeus affair until after the election day. >> this investigation has been going on for months. how is it that the white house didn't have any idea of this until the day the election and congress a few days later? >> i would refer you to the f.b.i. they have, as i understand it, protocols in place when they notify the legislative executive branches of the investigations.
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it is simply a fact that the white house was not aware of the situation regarding general petraeus until wednesdaythe sitl allen, friday. >> sean: so the f.b.i. knew about the investigation. he briefs the president once a week but we're supposed to believe that an extramarital affair involving the head of the c.i.a. never came is up in that is exactly why we cannot let the soap opera divert us from what is important. this story is more than just a sexual failing by men in power, it's more about the benghazi scandal and the obama's role in it. he briefed members of congress and blamed the attacks on the anti-muslim video and calling
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this, quote, spontaneous mob violence. susan rice who on the sunday talk shows misled the public by blaming, quote, on the anti-muslim video so the talking points came from the intelligence agency. that is true? is if so, why did it happen. also we're told that broadwell had access to classified information on her computer. and we know general petraeus traveled to libya to conduct his own review of the benghazi attack, while in tripoli he personally questioned the station chief and other c.i.a. personnel who were in benghazi on september 11th when this attack occurred. now, they all knew this was terror attack and so did our state department. david petraeus is not the only key actor in all of this. we have hillary clinton, eric holder and we have president obama. what did they know? when did they know it?
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injecting me now jay from law and justice and former c.i.a. covert operations officer and president of diligence llc, mike baker. welcome to hannity. what do you think. >> i think the first thing we had an october surprise in the election but we didn't find out about it until november. the situation with general petraeus while tragic for his family is not really the issue. its horrible set of events. but we had a chief c.i.a. director, chief spy for america so to speak, compromised. the attorney general of the united states knew this in september and failed to the tell the president of the united states that his c.i.a. director was being investigated by the f.b.i. i cannot imagine eric homelander would have done this. it was dereliction of duty. >> sean: he might not have done
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it. he may have told the president. >> this the question that the american people need to ask. how is it that the chief of the c.i.a. was under an f.b.i. investigation and the department of justice not only was aware of it. the attorney general was aware of it in september and failed to tell the president of the united states that the president's c.i.a. director was under an investigation. it's not plausible. >> sean: i don't think it's plausible either. nor their excuses on benghazi, why didn't they get the added security before? why during the attack, paula broadwell one of thing she is saying petraeus himself knew they were drying out for help at the consulate. that is what cautioned ty woods not to stand donate and risk his career and ultimately give his life because he knew americans were in jeopardy.
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what do you think? >> here is the tragedy of this whole thing. we have four americans that are dead. we have a c.i.a. situation that is questionable at best. we have an administration that is not giving us the information. we still don't have the facts on benghazi. you have dianne feinstein saying that we some should have this administration. you have leon panetta the investigation was going on leaders of the congress should have known about it. look at the entire situation, you ask yourself this question, what is at play here? did general petraeus admit to bad act? yes his resignation was accepted. >> i've been involved in counter intelligence operations in the past. there has been some question over, f.b.i. got involved, the start of this i think if you
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look at it, i think it's quite plausible. jill kelly has a bureau field agent. apparently the bureau field act had a thing for jill kelly. what does he do? he is a friend and pushes this thing inside the bureau to get it investigated. that is kind of the way i would go, you have to have a network in there. if it had been anybody and been no relationship this may no never have kicked off. >> sean: what about broadwell saying petraeus knew go b 'benghazi but that they were holding lynnian militia that may have precipitated this. the president was not asked by that a biased news media in this country and to lead up to to this election about, were they
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holding prisoners? where was the in the did he know about requests for help? did he know what was happening that night? why did he to go vegas. why did he say two weeks later that it wasn't a terror attack? >> there was no secret there was a security problems in benghazi. there was no surprise there. there is failure, an administrative failure to put in place a security procedures that needed to be there to protect u.s. personnel overseas. that part needs to be addressed. there is no doubt about that. the idea that perhaps there is all sorts of a conspiracy theories. >> sean: last question, only because we are running out of time. who know what, when. what if we find out the
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president of the united states lied because i do not believe that he did not know what was going on. i do not believe two weeks after everybody knew this was not related to that youtube video, i do not believe if he lied, what does that mean? >> if he lied the consequences, of course, would be significant including impossible impeachment. but another question, the question is if the attorney general of the united states knew this information which we now know, regarding the swaying with david petraeus, he did know, we had our national security compromised because of the activity going on. you had the president of the united states communicating with the c.i.a. director that is under an f.b.i. investigation. these things can start internally but the fact that this investigation with the attorney general of the united states, it doesn't make sense. >> sean: truth is going out. they can delay but it's coming
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out. liz cheney will join us whether congress will launch an a full investigation into the petraeus affair. >> this was not a preplanned attack. our current assessment that what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired house before in cairo. >> sean: susan rice is possible replacement for hillary clinton? how could she make it through the confirmation process? you want john kerry as your new defense secretary? we'll have more coming up. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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>>. this is something that could have had an effect on national security, i think we should have told. >> sean: as details continue to surface, one question remains: why did the f.b.i. keep congress in the dark while investigating the top spy? the house intelligence committee is expected to meet with top officials in an attempt to find out who the bureau informed and when. these meetings could determine whether a full investigation into this matter is in fact launched. joining me now for a preview as the road to inquire continues
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minute by minute. liz cheney. thanks for being with us. i do not find it plausible, tell me where i'm wrong, my gut, my instincts, i don't believe that people knew as long as they knew the f.b.i. director, the attorney general, they meet with the president regularly that they did not tell the president of the united states of america that our c.i.a. director is being investigated, may have had an affair, might be compromised? is that plausible? >> no. the director of the c.i.a. engaged in an extramarital affair is a security risk because of potential for blackmail and possible involvement of foreign intelligence circumstances. they clearly knew this woman had emotional issues, sending threatening e-mails to people.
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so engaged in extramarital affair that potentially emotionally unstable, is a security risk. if they didn't tell the president, and we know that the director new and eric holder knew, if they didn't tell them, the other alternative is they are not telling the truth. it defies logic to think they did not tell the president this is happening. >> sean: i connect this because why do i see this related to benghazi in a lot of ways. hillary clinton is at a wine tasting in australia. general petraeus i would lake to testify but i can't. how convenient at this point. we knew what happened in libya that night. charlene lamb, they are watching in realtime. we now know the only reason these navy seals jumped into the consulate is because they heard cries for help.
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requests to the white house were made for help for back-up. so we are to believe the president didn't know that either because two weeks later she telling the country, i'm not sure if it's a terrorist attack? >> right. here is one of the potential places where there is a link. we know now that general petraeus knew he was under investigation. we also know he thought he could keep his job. this is exactly the time period when he goes up to the hill and according to those who why the were the hearings this is because of the video. you have a very suspicious set of circumstances where he is trying to keep his job, he wants to keep the administration happy and people are asking questions. did that affect his testimony on benghazi. he did his own report on benghazi which he hasn't released and secretary clinton had responsibility for the people who are dead. the notion that she is in australia wine tasting and hanging out with friends is a disgrace.
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>> sean: attorney general is going to tell the american people, i didn't tell the president, no? the f.b.i. director didn't tell the president? i am having -- i don't know. it seems to me that the white house, in this day and age, i don't see how they cover this up forever. they have to come clean sooner or later? >> they will. you have many committees on the hill looking into this. they do have subpoena power and they will have the hearings we need. the white house will not able to cover this up nor will they be able to say this is all about general petraeus. he has very important role to play. frankly we've got to make sure that secretary clinton testifies. she was accountable and responsible. why did she continue to say it was a video.
6:20 pm
>> sean: i want to know where the president was when the consulate was attack and who made the decision that wanted to save those people to stand down. i want to know who got the requests for assistance. why it was denied. >>. >> apparently this videotape, the families have a right to see it. >> that is exactly right. >> sean: good to see you. plenty more coming up. susan rice, you do you want her as next secretary of state. and john genghis khan, you do you want him as secretary of defense. whether they could make it through a confirmation hearing. talk of a succession in texas, we'll deal with that and more.
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6:25 pm
obama's bungling chief terrorism advisor john brennan is going to replace general petraeus. samantha power is considering as ambassador. but susan rice could be the next secretary of state. yes the same susan rice who made the rounds on the sunday shows just days after the benghazi terrorist attack and said this. >> this was not a preplanned attack. what happened initially it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. our current assessment what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had transpired hours before in cairo, almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in cairo which were prompted, of course, by the video. >> sean: good luck explaining
6:26 pm
that at confirmation hearing. white house was asked about it. >> does the president have confidence that susan rice could get confirmation for any post in the future? >> i will not engage in speculation. the president believes ambassador rice has done an excellent job is grateful for her service. >> sean: joining me for reaction advisor for harry reid penny lee. mercedes, will this be problematic? >> absolutely. first of all she has not gained the respect of the republicans and congress. when you are talking that, it's very puzzling when you see that three intelligence officials came out in the daily beast
6:27 pm
saying that in 24 hours they knew that this attack was linked to al-qaeda. that is an important point to make there with sues an reib. the fact she was to on talking points. she sounded like a loyal soldier for president obama than she did in really talking about what happened in benghazi. this goes back to our poor judgment, linked back in the days when she was with president clinton where she told rwanda genocide, is this going to affect the congressional elections. again, poor political judgment. she jumped to the conclusion without asking the very important questions when you get these quote, unquote, talking points. >> sean: it doesn't sound like she has the qualification of even had clinton? >> you get to fully vet somebody
6:28 pm
and fully understand what they knew. i have full confidence she will be able to explain what she was talking about is what the intelligence community was telling her was going on at the time. she said, it's not definitively concluded. so back to the confirmation of the hearing but this is someone who has served the u.n. very well. she worked on the security council to bring these crippling sanctions on iran. she has a long resume. she has full confidence. >> sean: you know hillary clinton you are friends with the clintons. she does not have the resume, she is no hillary clinton. >> she is not hillary clinton but she brings a different skill set. hillary clinton, i adore and fill that role as secretary and traveled the world and been a
6:29 pm
diplomat. it's a different role but not to say susan rice is not qualified. >> she is so passive. i spoke to high level folks that have worked in the united nations and they all said the same thing. she is very passive when it comes to the united nations. when you look at iran she was part of that out stretched hand to basically suspend sanctions to iran. last time they brought up a resolution against iran, it was back in june 2010 -- this is not the person you want leading the department of state. we've got, for example, they joined the human rights council, she was an internal advocate for that. that is one china has been on, libya has been on and venezuela has been elected to the human rights council. she has poor judgment. these are serious concerns that i believe the senate has to bring up. >> sean: last question, when you
6:30 pm
think of john can kerry for secretary of defense, we'll have a full report on tomorrow night. but genghis khan, i'm quoting him and throwing his medals back and swift boat issue, do you think that would be a good political choice? don't you think that will be vetted thoroughly? >> this is someone that volunteered war that a lot people didn't want to volunteer for. there was a lot of people after the war questioned whether they were going to be there. i don't think the american people or those in congress are going to be questioning or holding him accountable that a lot of people had questions. she decorated war hero and someone who volunteered. >> he did accuse our troops of murder. you don't want to miss the special report on this tomorrow. thank you.
6:31 pm
coming up next, texas, is filing a petition to secede from the nation and because of barack obama won a special term. then we brought you some of the story tonight but tonight we take an in-depth look at the shocking election returns in philly and cleveland. we continue our investigation into voter fraud. is it really possible that in 59 philly voting divisions, that even one vote could have been cast for mitt romney out of 19,000 plus. we'll give you the answer. [ male announcer ] if someone asks what it feels like to drive a jeep grand cherokee, tell them it's like being nestled in an eight-way, adjustable, heated and ventilated seat surrounded by a 500-watt sound system while floating on a suspension made of billowy clouds. or you could just hand them your keys. ♪
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>>. >> sean: we know president obama's pop la later in the cities was formidable. numbers were about to show you they are plain unbelievable. now speculation that voter fraud took place in multiple cities after returns showed that president got hundred percent of the vote in certain districts. governor romney did not get a single vote, get this, in 59 philly voting districts. not a single vote. that is 19,605 voters for the president and zero votes for governor mitt romney. it doesn't stop there. according to the cleveland plain dealer president obama also won all of the votes in 16 districts in cleveland that every single one of the votes in those
6:36 pm
districts all went for the presidential. so there is reasonable concern for suspicious voting trends. think the american people deserve to know the truth. is it possible that governor romney didn't appeal to a single voter in these places? joining me to explain these numbers is former hillary clinton spokesman and david web? >> it is possible? >> it's possible. it's not unprecedented. i did a quick search today where mitt romney got hundred percent of the vote across the country. it happened in 2008 in 19 districts in one city in the same state. it happened in 2004 where george bush got zero votes and john kerry votes got in some
6:37 pm
precincts. >> sean: we're talking about 16 districts? >> mathematically it is possible but the bigger issue why do we have 108 vote in ohio in one county. why do we have 140% vote in another? voter fraud does exist. you can't have above hundred percent voting unless in there is voter fraud involved. >> historically it's happened. >> i'll give you that. my question is the percentages. >> sean: there might be a distinction. 19,000 voters? i could see maybe a district with 300, 500 but mathematically makes no sense to me. >> in some of these precincts these were high minority
6:38 pm
precincts there was one, only a dozen registered republicans. when the philadelphia en inquiry looking for those people, yeah, we didn't vote for mitt romney. this happens. if there was a problem, if there was a real problem if there is every voter fraud you need to crack down it on. there were places in virginia where people were getting ballots that had republican george allen's name on it but not the democrat's name on it. >> there are issues there. >> the florida issue with the voter suppression letters, 23 counties. those are things we need to focus on and the overall percentages. why we have over hundred percent voting. >> sean: what do you think the odds are? >> zero. >> i don't believe, i think this is voter fraud. >> i'm not doubting that could play a role in it but what you can prove and can't prove. we have to go after this with
6:39 pm
voter i.d. and with technology and cleaning up the voter rolls and we need to solve it in the off cycle and not in the election year. they have voter i.d. in netherlands and other places, it's a way to verify everyone's vote. >> i would be throwing out voter fraud allegations, was it voter fraud. i would have to to see the nusmts voters. >> it's precinct by precinct ant mitt romney beat barack obama. >> sean: highly unlikely. >> it is possible but the real issue is not just the numbers, the real issue is voter i.d. for everyone regardless of party. the real issue is verifying the vote for every american so
6:40 pm
nobody gets disenfranchised. >> sean: hopefully we'll to investigate this. as a conservative i was less than thrilled when barack obama last tuesday, but some folks in texas were so rattled by the victory they actually want to secede from the country and they are not the only state. military leaders find themselves in hot water in the middle east. once again, it is now on the brink there. a lot of trouble is breaking out. where is senator hillary clinton why for wine tasting. more just ahead. legendary atvs led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides featuring the new ranger 800 midsize. and full-size workhorses including the all-new, class-leading, 60-horsepower,
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>>. >> sean: ever since the election results americans from dozens of states have filed petitions with the white house to secede from the nation. lone star state they asked the texas to withdraw from the u.s. to create its own government. it needed 25,000 to get a response from the white house. due to the large outcry, rick perry was forced to respond earlier today. a statement from his office reads in part, governor perry believes in the greatness of our union and nothing should be done to change it but he shares with the frustrations that many americans have with our federal government. joining me is the president of the texas nationalist movement. daniel miller.
6:45 pm
welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me on. >> sean: you needed 25,000, you got 80,000, how long have you been trying to get people to sane this petition? >> well, this petition is relatively new. our organization has had a petition drive through the last two sessions of the texas legislature for this particular purpose. every session we accumulate thousands of signatures of texans that just want this issue come to a vote. >> sean: tell us why at this point a lot of people say you lost the election, you don't like obama, that is probably true. isn't it important had a we are the united states of america? you feel a sense of obligation that we have to stay united? >> i think that is cruel irony. for people like and you that are committed to the principles of liberty and freedom as envisioned by our founders, when
6:46 pm
you look at it in the context of the governor's statement that he sees no reason to change the union, i think we're face with the reality that the union has fundamentally changed. we've got a federal government that treats states like texas as a cash cow, that has no regard for the sovereignty streets and treats us like a subdivision of the federal government. we have seen the transformation of what the union is and our organization is committed here to preserve and freedom and independence of texas. >> sean: explain constitutionally, you cite a lot of this in materials, where you see the right to do this if you get enough signatures and what would you like to happen next? >> first off, let's take it one step. the petition that is going to the white house will accomplish virtually nothing because it's basically asking obama something but it will send a clear message
6:47 pm
that the people of texas want their independence. now, what has to happen for independence there are a lot of processes related to this. i mean some of them are very instructive that are going on right now. for example, scotland having referendum from the u.k. but ultimately any type of process where a state would choose to leave the union must come down to a vote of the people. >> sean: do you want a referendum in texas to secede from the union? 80,000 is a big number a short period of time. it's hardly representative the whole population of texas. is it your goal to get it on the ballot in texas and referendum form or have the legislature bring it up? >> ideally what we would like to see is the legislature put it to a non-binding referendum. so the people of texas could expression their well on this
6:48 pm
issue. the polling we have done in our organization in every county in texas shows we would carry a majority of texas, but i think that takes us to the next step here. we need to begin to discuss some of these factors about why texas wants to leave and make sure we don't make the same mistakes again. i'm under no illusions there are a lot of people out there that do not understand why texas wants its independence. the fact of the matter there can't be a union those that esteem the principles of karl marx over the principles of thomas jefferson. that all political powers inherent in the people. what we have seen given on tuesday was that a majority of the people in the united states and the states in which they reside are es teaming the principles of karl marx. >> i believe that the rest principles of our founders and framers, we have left them.
6:49 pm
in many ways america now has adopted this european socialist model. think with the same predictable results in the future unless we stop it very soon. you say we are at a tipping point. is there not any hope to work within the system as the united states of america to bring about the change you want by making the compelling arguments and getting the right candidates and fighting now to convince people that conservative values, constitutional values, i will liberty is better than whatever freedom you have to sacrifice for so-called security? >> this is the sad thing about it. this was not the ideal choice, but i think what you are talking about, that ship has sailed. after four years of an obama administration, if the people of america did not wake up at that point and change out that administration and put us back
6:50 pm
to the path to the constitution, the only thing left for people like us is individual state independence. >> sean: i'm going to make a prediction. i believe that america will come calling for conservative answers, that is my prediction. i appreciate you being with us. i'm sure you'll be under fire for the next week or two, good luck. >> thank you, if anyone needs to check us out go to our website at texas >> she traveled as top diplomat in the u.s. so where is the secretary of state? heading to australia, why? some wine tasting. how much more this is going to take for hillary to wake up as hannity returns. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels
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>>. >> shep: based on hillary clinton vacation itinerary one would not know how close middle east is close to war. she has private wine tasting coming up. now just yesterday. the israeli military struck a
6:55 pm
syrian military launcher after a war went right into israeli territory. israeli air force was forced to strike gaza targets. my question is, where is the obama administration as the time bomb ticks down in middle east. guys, welcome back. congressman king, we've got benghazi hearings, she is at a wine tasting. we have we've got israel conflicts, syria, pending issues with iran. not a lot of trump with the muslim brotherhood. where are the priorities? >> you think this would be the exactly the time when you need your secretary of state engaged full force. anticipating the hearings coming up in congress and she finds herself conveniently out of touch in australia. she was the one that general petraeus resigned and took him off the stage.
6:56 pm
now hillary clinton is out. she is off the stage for now. we'll continue to drill on this but the balance of power and u.s. influence does need a secretary of state on tab. we've got two things, the continuing developments in benghazi and how we have to investigate that completely. plus to avert a disaster in the middle east. i don't see her on the job. >> iran, libya, where is the secretary of state. why isn't she testifying this week. the american people have a right to know. what they knew, when they knew it. our state department was watching libya unfold in realtime. >> benghazi is more than just a murder investigation of four fellow citizens. it actually impacts the very fabric of our republic, can you trust government? two of three essential witnesses
6:57 pm
we need, david petraeus and hillary clinton are unavailable. i can tell you two of them, the week congress reconvenes to investigate the murder of four americans neither of them are available witnesses. have a question what is her legacy is going to be, benghazi is going to be her legacy. >> sean: but to delay and obfuscate. they pulled the same thing on fast and furious -- oh,, they invoke executive privilege. we know that the ambassador requested security and it was denied. then we had request important assistance. we don't know what the president we don't know where he was. then after he denied it was even a terror attack, blaming a
6:58 pm
youtube video for two weeks. this is september 11th. he got through two months heading into an election. media didn't ask him questions? >> remember that the c.i.a. was the approval of the c.i.a. no one in our shop gave the order to stand down. i would take this thing back, i remember water game. we knew about that before richard next on was re-elected. yeah, it took better part of a year before the truth of that came out. also the iran contra affair, admiral poindexte that had a deniable link. this is something that many, many times than watergate ever thought of being. house republicans have an obligation to drill in this thing with all the authority we have. >> sean: last question. i don't think the president has
6:59 pm
a mandate as he claiming to raise taxes. you have a grand bargain discussion, fiscal cliff. do you know one republican that was elected on raising taxes, will the republicans hold the line on this? >> yes, we will for this reason. if i ask you to define conservatism, it means limited growth shall limited government so it spurs growth. if we go up 45, where does it stop. there is a certain point beyond which government should not take from its citizens. my prediction, i may be in a small minority but the house republicans will not relent on the to happen marginal rated. >> there is a mandate for them. they continue to be in power by a significant margin and i think the american people sent


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